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Startup Indiax Company Registration
(OPC) One Person Company, (LLP) Limited Liability Partnership, (Pvt. Ltd) Private Limited Company, All Annual Compliances other Licenses and Certifications like ISO/ GMP, etc. Trade Mark, Patent and Copyright.

Benefits of Company Incorporation – Startup Indiax

Helps to generate capital

Capital is the money needed to produce goods and services. A company has two forms of obtaining capital: equity, which means raising funds through the public, and debt referring to bank loans or other forms of credit. When a company is incorporated, it is considered more reliable; hence it shall be easy to obtain capital. The SEBI and other allied laws require the incorporation of the company to allow sourcing funds in the form of equity. Moreover, if the funds are raised from the public instead of a private group, the company must satisfy the conditions for a public company and be listed on a recognized stock exchange. Hence, it promotes an easy way for capital formation and pooling.

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